3 Reasons the Successful Entrepreneur in You May be Held Back by Your Career

Nov 17, 2022

Why so many women struggle to leave a successful career to start their own business 

The financial and freedom potential that owning your own business holds is phenomenal. As someone who has already proven herself to be successful, it should be a simple next step in life, right?




Too many women find themselves stuck and unable to move out of the security of their high-profile, high-income jobs, instead of embracing the possibility of financial and time freedom of a business they control!


Here are 3 reasons why:

Fear of Financial Hardship

Nothing is harder than giving up a six-figure salary to start something from the very bottom. There is no guarantee how long it will take you to replace that income and, rather than risk your financial cushion running out, it becomes easier to just stick with the job, even if it makes you deeply unhappy and feel very trapped.


Not Being Worthy

Despite having already proven yourself to be a powerhouse and a high achiever in your chosen career path, many women never truly feel worthy of that success. They almost see it as a fluke and feel that their lack of worthiness will be seen through as soon as their high-profile career tag has been removed. Becoming nobody and nothing can be extremely scary.


Fear of Failure

To someone who has never failed, doing so would be terrible. Failure isn’t for someone who has achieved what you have achieved. And yet, failure happens all the time in business so the possibility is very real.

So What is the Answer?

Every new business has to start somewhere. The best time and place is here and now.


Everyone has the same chance to succeed as the next person. It’s up to you to decide that you ARE worthy of success.


What if you did experience failure? Would you quit altogether or would you get back up again and keep striving for better?


Failure only happens when you let it stop you from moving forward. Otherwise, it is there to teach you, and with every failure comes a greater chance to succeed.

With Love & Glow xx

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