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Hey beautiful soul,

We are so honoured to welcome you at the doors of our Global Coaching Collective. 

Whatever your reason for being here we wholeheartedly support you and want to congratulate you on making this investment in yourself and your future. Just know how incredibly appreciated and valued you are as one of our inspirational, aspiring coaches and we cannot wait for you to step into your purpose, potential, and dreams with our Intuitive Life & Energy Alchemy Certification Programme. 

The next 12 months are going to be an incredible journey of transformation for you to experience complete abundance, joy, and freedom! Please know you are in incredibly safe hands and we are so grateful we can take your hand and lead you with love to wherever your inspired path may lead. 

As one of our Coaches, you now have access to our home:

Please come and join us, introduce yourself, and let us know your five reasons for making this decision to invest in yourself and your future with this certification. 

A few housekeeping messages…

You should also have received your welcome email of which contains:

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  • Your Login Details to The Members Area. 
  • The direct link to our Coaching Collective Facebook Home (please make sure you join us). 

A final Message from me to you with love…

You are now part of a global movement bigger than each and everyone of us but nonetheless, one that allows each and every one of us to unleash our unique gifts and individually ‘shake the world’, and truly create freedom for ourselves and the lives of others. 

We wish nothing more than to see you truly GLOW into the women and coach that you are, and we are so grateful to share these next 12 months with you. 

With Love and Glow,

Lucy, Stacey & the Glow Team xxx

P.s If you require any further support please reach out to