Lucy has been the go-to person, come rain or shine, the one to celebrate my wins, my highs and my lows. She is so empathetic, caring and listens to every word with only love, respect and support. Her coaching is nothing short of phenomenal. I remember seeing her inspiring posts and felt called to be around her, and since then she has become a wonderful friend as well as a coach. There are only certain people in the world who truly walk into it and make it a better place and Lucy is absolutely one of those people. She delivers on everything she said she will with so much integrity, love, honesty and support and has always made me feel less alone with what is going on for me at every stage. I am a new woman, one who has learned to have boundaries and is not afraid of stepping into my true purpose and potential. I will be forever grateful to have found the coach in Lucy that I did.

Nicola Liggins

Burnout Recover Coach, & Founder of the Digital Business Boutique

I appreciate Lucy’s love and unconditional support so much. Her energy is so powerful, and I feel so empowered and capable every time I speak to her. She had the ability to transform how I used to think and feel with the knowledge to support me in growing a business that I love. I was feeling so lost, so overwhelmed and so emotionally broken after losing my confidence to grow and start any kind of coaching business. I didn’t know what direction to go down and found myself overworking to try and feel good enough. Lucy helped me to have an honest look at my life, look at my beliefs and limitations, and from there create a vision that would excite me once again and was truly aligned to my values. I am now earning four-figure months in a business that lights me up. I have since got married and feel so grateful for the areas of my life that I changed with Lucy’s support. I am forever grateful for the time and investment Lucy has made to me.

Uzma Pinks

I have known Lucy a little while now and before working with her I had reached a point in my life where my current circumstances were not working for me. They were not giving me the life that I was dreaming of. I had held this big vision and dream of what I wanted my life to look like, but I was feeling lost, I was feeling alone, I was lacking direction, and I was just feeling unclear about how I was going to achieve the life that I wanted. That is until I had a one-to-one call with Lucy and realised that to change my circumstances and change my life I had to go all in and do the work. I can honestly say that working with Lucy has been the best decision I have ever made in my whole entire life. I actually now feel motivated, I feel driven, I feel ultra-focused on achieving the life that I want to achieve, and I have had Lucy right there by my side, teasing out my inner potential to getting me to my desired destination. I can honestly say, hand on heart, in 3,6, month’s time my life will look completely different to how it looks now and if you are thinking about working with Lucy, I say just go for it or if you have started with Lucy then stick with her because she will definitely get you to your desired destination.

Rachel Davies

Having worked with Lucy for several years now, I can honestly say she is someone you need in your life and your business. She is a voice of calm, reason, idea, and implementation. Lucy has this gorgeous balance of professionalism with a zest of “business bestie” and I’m not sure what I would do without her. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Lucy in any capacity you can, the difference she will make to your life and business is nothing short of phenomenal.

Abigail Horne

Founder of Authors & Co.

From the moment I contacted Lucy about pursuing my dreams of starting my own business she has literally been so supportive. She is so patient, and always makes me laugh, and feel lighter in my moments of overwhelm. Lucy has great knowledge and empathy and explains things really coherently, so it’s broken down into manageable steps that feel good. Lucy believed in me before I was able to believe in myself and is such an inspiring person to work alongside. I would recommend Lucy to anyone.

Lindsay Nash

Founder of Mum Warriors

Discovering Lucy was definitely divine intervention! I met Lucy through a mastermind pod we were both grouped in where I was immediately drawn to her positive, uplifting and supportive style, not to mention her gorgeous smile! Lucy radiates energy that is both infectious and focussed. I’ve not been to a great place personally or professionally for a very long time. My self-belief and worth were at an all-time low, I was frustrated and feeling irrelevant. I was searching for help with clarity and a vision to navigating to a new and different life path. Lucy very quickly identified where my mental blocks are sabotaging me and she is now helping me to declutter those negative thought patterns. By giving me clear, simple and bite-sized actionable steps, I don’t feel overwhelmed with it all anymore. She combines her coaching skills with her lived experience so she can identify with many of the thoughts and feelings I am going through. Lucy has a unique gift for seeing you as you are, not as who you think you are. She sees the potential and possibility and her unwavering belief in you makes you feel that you can absolutely achieve anything you want for your life. Forever grateful our paths have crossed!

Lisa Wharam

I met Lucy on LinkedIn at the start of last year and we had a 30-minute conversation which did actually go on for longer as she came across so warm and welcoming. Throughout the year we kept in touch Lucy inspired me to write my book and she gave me the confidence to know that I am worth more and to share my story. For me, with Lucy’s support, she was the lady I needed in my life to guide and coach me to get where I needed to be. I invested in Lucy which has been one of the very best decisions of my life. I also invested in one of her programmes which I have to say was fantastic. You can hear her lovely warming voice explaining to you all the way in which each module is supporting you, and the one-to-one calls that Lucy took me through helped me so much. She has been my guiding light when feeling overwhelmed and she always takes the times to support me, not just in business but in my personal life too, always full of empowerment. I say hand on my heart if you have the pleasure to work with Lucy jump at it, her energy just glows, she is amazing. Warmly Lyndsey Austin.

Lyndsey Austin

When I got on the phone to Lucy it was as if I had known her my whole life, I still remember that conversation to this day and if I’m honest I don’t think I will ever forget it.. Lucy as an individual is caring, kind, passionate and very supportive as a coach she is that and so much more. At the time in my life in which I spoke to Lucy I was truly lost, I was broken, hurt, afraid, alone and felt I had this pressure of keeping up with the person I was portraying on social media and in my friendships. But one of the main issues I had was that I was in debt, I had explored so many avenues to line my pockets instead they did exactly the opposite so I would say initially I came to Lucy with the intention to build something for myself, I wasn’t sure what, and create the business I wanted with the outcome I wanted. In working with Lucy, I wake up each day not feeling a sense of dread, not feeling a failure, not feeling worthless. I wake up ready for the day ahead and have goals and dreams that I am not afraid to speak about. Lucy whilst a business coach as a life coach she has helped me address many internal issues that I didn’t even know were there and helped me grow as an individual to allow me to move forward and build that successful business with her input and help. I think many of us are searching for something to fill a void, but until you realise what that void is and really understand why it is there you can be the most successful business owner but still feel empty. I am in debt with Lucy for life for how she has helped me- my mindset is better; my outlook is better, and I have had such support and guidance from Lucy that I honestly believe that now more than ever I am capable – to feel those things at the age of 32 is priceless. I would have no problem in recommending Lucy as a coach, she is personable; she helps you beyond what you thought possible and she really is a light in the world that needs to shine. I really have no other words but the biggest THANK YOU.

Jennifer Carr

Lucy has been coaching me and I must say that I am a new woman now. I’m blown away by how Lucy has helped me in building my coaching business and to grow as a woman. She has guided me from feeling lost and not knowing how to build my business to feeling confident on my path, knowing precisely what to do and what steps to take. She also saw my talents, and she helped me grow my trust in myself. Her help in this has been a huge and meaningful thing to me. I love the way she encourages me. She is full of energy and after our sessions together I am full of energy and I know exactly what it is I need to do. I feel confident, and competent. She helped me feel that I am enough and to trust myself so that I can achieve my goals. Thank you, Lucy. You are such a guiding light with your beautiful energy, guiding light and smile. I am so glad I found you and I am so glad I came into your services. Thank you, Beautiful Lucy.

Jaana Pusa

Lucy is one of the most unique women I’ve ever met. Her personality just shines through and you feel her aura as you meet her. My experience with Lucy was magical, she helped me in so many ways. Before I worked with Lucy I had very low self-esteem and never thought I would be able to step up and have my own coaching business. I always felt like I couldn’t do anything or be anything. With the help of Lucy, I have finally realised who I am and what my purpose is. She helped me to overcome my fears of judgement and self-sabotage. I would forever, and always be grateful for the help Lucy gave to me. I recommend Lucy because of her knowledge, her spirit, and her passion for supporting others is something that you will have to have when you are starting something new or if you are looking for you. Xx

Sophie Powell

Lucy has been a phenomenal help to me. We first met on social media where I reached out for her advice. I was so intrigued by her posts and positive stories, and it helped me to recognise what I was lacking in my own life and business. Her expertise and experience have been a wonderful asset in supporting me on my own journey and I now have my own thriving business doing what I love, which has given me the time to do what I love. She is well informed, professional, and a super darling. I couldn’t recommend her more. Once you meet Lucy, you will fall in love with her.

Nicole Codling

I just wanted to praise Lucy for all the support, all the love, all the great information that I have received. Just within the first 2 weeks, I can honestly say my whole life changed for the better. The resources, the tools, the meditations, the new habits and routines she was able to help me create and change my mindset have gravitated towards such a positive outlook on life and I couldn’t be more appreciative. I just want to say thank you Lucy- You truly are an inspiration.

Trinity Jackson

Lucy is an exceptional Coach. She is always working to make sure you are OK and checking in with where you are in relation to your goals and actions. Working with Lucy was a great experience. She not only works with me on a professional level but also as a friend who cares for a person’s well being too. Before working with Lucy, I was feeling stuck, I couldn’t get out of my own head and lacked confidence in myself to go for it. Lucy helped me get onto the road towards making my own big income and helped me to put everything in place to work with my coaching clients and create more content for myself. Currently, I am setting up my own coaching, growing my skills and I have found my passion in creating content for others. I’m still on my journey and working with Lucy keeps me on track and I love having her there as a coach to guide me to what I know is right for me. Lucy is a beautiful and talented coach. She understands you on a personal and professional level and I would highly recommend using her as a coach too.

Nicole Balmer