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Who are just like you!

Lucy Crane

Lucy Crane

United Kingdom

With a background in teaching, to pursuing an online coaching career I was burned out, exhausted and desperately looking for a way to create FREEDOM. I was yearning to feel part of something, to create financial freedom and create a lifestyle that would allow me to be present with those who deserved the best of me. This business model truly was my lifeline and path to freedom that my previous traditional online business had robbed me of for years. I get to bring my passion and purpose through GLOW which was birthed through my vision of supporting women to step into their purpose, potential and dreams with a vehicle that creates freedom for all of the women I yearn to help create freedom too.  Forever Grateful!

Stacey knight-jones

Stacey knight-jones

United Kingdom

As a mum of two my real why came from creating an income and lifestyle that would allow me to be the mum, wife and person I always wanted to be. In my traditional online coaching business, it had robbed me over 10 years of never being present, never earning my income and a big hit in confidence as I never managed to gain any consistent results or clients. This viechle changed everything and I have never looked back. 


United Kingdom

“There must be more to life than this.” As so many women feel, I had worked incredibly hard through the corporate ladder only to feel depleted, burnt out and lacking fulfilment.

Starting from zero experience and a small following, I diversified and replaced my corporate income within 14 months using this exact strategy. Life is FREE and I live my way.

Rosie Lockhart

Rosie Lockhart


Coming from traditional business, I found myself burnt out from the Struggle Juggle of entrepreneurship. 
I knew I had so much more to offer than the small stage I was playing on. I’ve since created a blossoming business which has replaced my previous income streams. 
Now as an embodiment and self expression activator, I guide soulful, ambitious women home to Self, helping them unleash their voice and embody their feminine power to create soul aligned impact and income online.


We are the dreamers, the believers, the glow-getters. 

We are heart-led women who aspire to lead with love and make a positive impact in the world. 

We desire a life of uncompromised dreams, a life that is true to us, a life that reflects our version of extraordinary. 

We all have our own unique gifts, unique qualities, and experiences that shape how we can individually ‘shake the world.’

We aspire to rise up in overcoming our fears, to become a guiding light, leading with love, guidance and inspiration.

We rise together as a global sisterhood of incredible leaders, embracing the truest essence of who we are without fear, shame or guilt.

We create abundance in every area of our life, holistically balanced, brave and bold.



“To live is the rarest thing in the world, most people just exist.”

And YOU my darling deserve to truly live!

– Oscar Wilde