Hey! It’s Lucy Crane and Stacey Knight-Jones, AKA The Digital Glow Gals™, on a mission to support you in creating financial freedom and manifesting your dream life. 

We are your everyday women, relentless in pursuing our dreams, refusing to settle for anything less than our version of success. However, living in survival has been a familiar and heartbreaking journey for us both. 

Just like you, we’ve experienced the heavy weight of debt, the heartache of failed ventures, never being able to be present, chasing money, and the grind of soul-sapping 9-5 jobs. We’ve invested our hard-earned money in countless online courses, coaches, and programs, only to be left disillusioned and with bank accounts that didn’t reflect our true worth. We have also had those sleepless nights worrying about paying the bills, and crippling debt but amongst all of that pain, we also remained those dreamers, believing that one day we could finally live our vision. This undoubtedly gave us our superpower, the determination to never give up. 

In 2023, we both made the decision that things needed to change but we had no idea what or how, and it was in those darkest moments we were shown another way…The way of Passive/semi-passive income streams online which we could see was allowing ordinary people to create extraordinary results. 

It was Affiliate Marketing with our Mentor (his mentorship of which we still promote to this day!), that allowed us to reach 6-figures in just four and half months and since then have diversified into many passive/semi-passive income streams (as we truly believe in the power of diversification and multiple income streams).  

These income streams have allowed us to be truly present, break free financially and make money in our sleep (literally!) and the opportunities are absolutely here for you too which is why it has become our mission to help you to do the same with tried, tested and successful ventures we have done before you. 

We are here to be your guiding light, mentors, and friends by sharing all of which we have leveraged, (as well as 22 combined years of coaching experience), to ensure you break free with us!  

We are so grateful you have found us and just know you can absolutely have it all!  

With unwavering belief in you! 

Luc and Stace xx

Know, if you have been called here it is absolutely for a reason, and we desire nothing more than to see you create financial freedom and the life you have always imagined.