Let her sleep, for tomorrow she moves mountains

The Sleep Support Bundle:

Your True SuperPower



The Sleep Support Bundle: Your True SuperPower

‘Let her sleep, for tomorrow she moves mountains.’

Discover why sleep is your true superpower and rest easy now that you have found us…

Within this Bundle, you have all you need to naturally and effortlessly create a beautiful nighttime routine to support you in drifting off to sleep and waking beautifully refreshed, ready to move mountains.


GUIDED SLEEP HYPNOSIS: Experience this guided sleep hypnosis for complete deep relaxation. Wake feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

MIRACLE MOMENT: A beautiful 22-minute guided session to relax the mind, body and soul for a restful night.

SLEEP RESCUE REMEDY: Supporting you in those moments you can’t sleep.

BEDTIME FREE JOURNALLING: One of the biggest reasons people often find it difficult to fall into a restful sleep or fall back to sleep if something wakes them is because the mind simply won’t stop.

We often have lots going on in life and this can play over and over at night and it can be really tricky to turn this off. And the more we try to push all of those thoughts away, often the more defiant they become.

One of the practices that can be really helpful is to free journal before settling down to sleep as this gives us an opportunity to get everything out of our heads and down on paper.

Enjoy this beautiful, (semi-guided) free journalling session, and build this practice into your evening routine.

MEDITATION FOR SLEEP AND RESTORATION: Settle into a restful sleep with this beautiful meditation.

NATURE SOUNDS DEEP SLEEP: Drift off to sleep to the soothing sounds of Nature.

Love & Glow x

The Sleep Support Bundle: Your True SuperPower