Why You Aren’t Making the Money You Desire in Your Business

Oct 30, 2022

You know you deserve more, yet, somehow, the life you desire keeps eluding you

The truth is you can absolutely make more money in your business if you want to.

You can make as much as YOU want. And you deserve to make good money.

Not just good money but extraordinary money.

But the remedy may be far more simple than you first realised. Let’s take a look at the 6 most common reasons people often repel success rather than attract it.

1. Your Energy Isn’t Attracting the Right People

Are you finding that the people who you are dealing with in your business, whether they are prospective clients or existing ones, are not people you naturally gel with?

Perhaps they expect too much, demand too much, or simply don’t align with the vision you first had of your ideal client?

If so, it may be less to do with them and more to do with you.

As the saying goes, “You put out what you expect to receive.” If you want people who share your values and principles, whose perspectives on the world align with yours, and who are therefore more likely to feel heard and nurtured as your client, you need to get right into that authentic you and show that to the world to attract like for like.

2. You’re Not Focusing on the Right Things

When you focus on what you want, rather than what you don’t want (or how to avoid getting it), your mind will automatically steer you toward positive things.

When you start focusing on the positive, and your goals and dreams, instead of all the reasons why something won’t work out and why it’s impossible for this business to succeed…even though everyone else says it will…then that’s when miracles happen!

You need to be able to see yourself already having achieved whatever it is that makes up your vision. You must be able to visualise yourself as an owner of a successful business with lots of happy customers who love their products so much they’re recommending them to everyone they know!

It’s all about having faith in yourself and knowing deep down that if anyone can make this happen for themselves (and gain financial freedom), then YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

3. You’re Letting Fear Get in the Way

It’s all too common to overthink the actions you are taking to grow your business and then second guess yourself and your judgment.

Or perhaps you are worrying what other people think of you — another destructive habit rooted in fear.

But what if I told you that courage is commended?

What if I was to tell you that love is a more powerfully productive emotion than fear?

In which case, you need to refresh your values to remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing and what principles you lead by.

When you do this, you will always have the means to assess whether the work you are putting in is all done with your overarching vision and goals in mind.

4. You Aren’t Doing What You Love

Do you really love what you do? Do you get excited about it? Are you passionate about it? If not, it’s time for a change. You might have been doing something because it’s easy or because someone else told you that was the right thing to do, but if there’s a better way (and there usually is), then go find that better way! 

5. You Aren’t Focusing on Transformation

When you focus on transformation, your business starts to transform. When you focus on transformation, your mindset starts to transform. When you focus on transformation, your life starts to transform. And when you focus on transformation, the people in your life start transforming alongside you.

As a result of this intense attention and commitment, something magical happens: You begin attracting more of what makes you feel centred and happy — and less of what doesn’t serve that vision for yourself or others around you anymore (including customers).

6. You Aren’t Believing in Yourself

You are your own worst critic, and one of the biggest reasons you aren’t making as much money as you want is because of how critical you are of yourself. You tell yourself that your ideas are bad, or that they’ll never work. You say things like, “Why would anyone pay for this?” or “This idea is too weird.”

You have to stop putting yourself down so much!

As soon as you start believing in yourself, everything will start falling into place for your business. Once self-confidence comes along with a belief in what you’re doing and why it’s good enough for other people to buy into your vision and believe in you!

Answer = Get Clear on Your Vision and Believe in it.

You know that your intention with this business is noble. It’s not selfish for it is designed to help others.

That is your mission and you are sticking by it.

But, in order to turn it into a profit, you need to get clear on your vision. Make a list of your core values and everything that you wish to live by and stand by — for example,

  • Kindness
  • Honesty
  • Self-care and self-love
  • Family
  • Time and location freedom…and whatever else you desire.

And then list all the ways in which you and your business can serve your ideal clients in a way that aligns perfectly with your values.

Next, you need to visualise how a successful business, doing what you love, will look like.

Take time to journal on it, as well as everything that comes up along the way. Use affirmations. Meditate. And keep reflecting.

Most of all, apply a great big dose of self-love and self-belief and don’t let small disappointments get in the way of the big vision.

We have provided a beautiful reminder for how you can Manifest More Money FAST in the video below… so what are you waiting for beautiful?

With Love & Glow xxx

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